From One Mama To Another 💋

Hey Everyone, my name is I’m Chelseé, 30 years young and living my best life in my first year as a mama to my munchkin Luca Cruz. I’ve had a whirlwind 18 months so far, from having a miscarriage to now being sat here with my perfect little boy.

When I was pregnant my anxiety was through the roof, which resulted in google being my best pal! Not always a good thing I’m afraid to say. It has its good points and bad! But that’s why I decided to do my own blog and share my advice and hopefully some comfort to other women that have been in similar positions. Also lots of tips and advice of what I’ve found useful as a First Time Mum riddled with anxiety. If you feel like you need someone to tell you all your must haves to be prepared to take on the new life of motherhood, then hopefully you’ve come to the right place!

If I can help one person out, put their mind at rest and recommend them the things that got me though pregnancy and the first few months with a newborn then I’ll be happy.

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing.

You got this Mama!



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